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Bauman Studio's case study on Norma explores their role in developing a best-in-class POS application. Learn about their approach, brief, & outcomes.

My Role

On this project we focussed on interaction design, visual design and user research.



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We were tasked with designing and building a cutting-edge, informative, and beautiful POS application for both iOS and Android platforms.


The resulting POS application designed and built by Bauman is a cutting-edge, informative, and beautiful mobile app that delivers an exceptional user experience. The app's intuitive interface, robust functionality, and real-time data analytics have helped businesses streamline their operations, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction, making it a valuable tool for small and large businesses alike.


We  started the project by conducting extensive research into the market trends, target audience, and competition to gain insights into user needs, behaviours, and expectations.

Using the research insights, we developed a comprehensive plan that included the features, functionality, and design elements required to create an intuitive and user-friendly POS application. Our team used a combination of agile development methodologies and the latest mobile app development technologies, including React Native, Java, and Swift, to build the application. We also utilized cloud-based infrastructure to ensure the app's scalability and reliability, enabling users to access it from anywhere, anytime.

We used a minimalist and modern approach to the application's design, with a focus on usability and user experience. We incorporated clean and easy-to-navigate interface design, intuitive iconography, and color schemes that reinforced the brand identity.

We also incorporated several features that enhanced the app's functionality, including real-time inventory tracking, sales reporting, and customer data management. These features provided users with valuable insights into their business operations and helped them make informed decisions.

To ensure optimal performance, we conducted extensive testing and quality assurance checks, addressing any issues that arose promptly. We also provided training and support to users, enabling them to get the most out of the app's features and functionality.


Breaking traditional models

People are adapting to changing circumstances and abandoning chronological life points



Employing manual controls

People are using archaic methods to feel in control of all areas of their finances



Defaulting to the bank of family and friends

People seeking financial guidance or needing additional money


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