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Building the world's first DeFi Bookmaker

Housebets emerged as a pioneering venture aiming to fuse the dynamic realm of decentralized finance (DeFi) with the adrenaline-charged world of sports betting. Set against the backdrop of the burgeoning crypto era, this project's ambition was not just to integrate technologies but to harmonize user experience across diverse demographics. The essence was to craft a digital platform where trust, efficiency, and engagement coalesced.

My Role

I had the privilege of overseeing the project from conception to completion. My responsibilities spanned across user research, UX/UI design, prototype testing, and the final implementation. Collaborating closely with developers, marketers, and stakeholders, I ensured that every design decision was aligned with our goals and user needs.



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Housebets aspired to be a trailblazer: the world's first DeFi Sportsbook. The challenge was to craft an intuitive and engaging platform that would offer guaranteed payouts via Polygon's smart contracts, while also accommodating thousands of betting markets. It was essential to address the needs of both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and those new to the DeFi realm.


Housebets was successfully launched, receiving positive feedback for its user-centric design and innovative integration of DeFi and sports betting. Key metrics showed:

  • A 40% increase in user registrations in the first two months.
  • Over 85% user retention rate, indicating the platform's ease-of-use and reliability.
  • Exceptional user feedback emphasizing the platform's seamless payout process and expansive betting options.



  1. Research & Ideation: I began with comprehensive user and market research to understand potential challenges and opportunities. This phase birthed user personas that informed design decisions.
  2. UX Design: Based on insights, I mapped out user journeys and wireframes, focusing on minimizing friction points. An easy onboarding process, clear wallet integration, and a transparent betting interface became pivotal.
  3. UI Design: Aesthetically, the platform needed to resonate with the futuristic essence of DeFi. I employed a modern color palette, intuitive iconography, and digital-friendly typography, creating an immersive visual experience.
  4. Prototyping & Testing: Iterative prototypes were developed and subjected to rigorous user testing. Feedback was invaluable, particularly concerning the integration of Polygon's smart contracts and understanding of the DeFi framework.
  5. Collaboration & Iteration: Working hand-in-hand with developers ensured that design intentions were perfectly translated into the final product. Post-launch, we continued refining the platform based on real-time user feedback, ensuring Housebets remained at the forefront of innovation

Crafting Housebets was more than just a design project; it was a journey into the future of betting, highlighting the transformative power of DeFi in reshaping industries.


Breaking traditional models

People are adapting to changing circumstances and abandoning chronological life points



Employing manual controls

People are using archaic methods to feel in control of all areas of their finances



Defaulting to the bank of family and friends

People seeking financial guidance or needing additional money


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